Do you like smoothies? Because we absolutely adore them, our whole team down to the youngest and cutest member is absolutely in love with smoothies. Of course there’s that great advantage that comes from the fact that smoothies are easy to make. But other than the short time from start to having them in your stomach and full satisfaction, smoothies are also healthy. I mean, what more would you want?

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Fresh Summer Smoothie

kiwi summer smoothie 2

By Foodtastic Team Published: June 22, 2016

  • Yield: 2 (2 Servings)
  • Prep: 5 mins

A really quick and easy smoothie recipe that is refreshing and your whole family will love.



  1. Put all ingredients in your blender.
  2. Blend for about 2 minutes, depending on your blender's power.
  3. Serve simple, with ice or garnished with kiwi slice.

Now and then we like to try some funky smoothie idea. This time we were inspired by the need to make something fruity and refreshing so we chose kiwi, orange juice and forest fruits as our main ingredients. The taste ended up being just a tiny bit acidic.  A solution for this would be adding less kiwi and increasing the amount of forest fruits. Also the amount of orange juice makes it more or less watery, so that should also be up to you.

We haven’t tried this yet, but I am guessing you could squeeze half of a banana in there for sweetness. Alternatively you could add honey, agave syrup or stevia.  But in all truth any sweetener would just ruin its fresh taste. Plus, this is super healthy as it is! Great way to start any morning, really.

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Kiwi Berry Smoothie

A really quick and easy smoothie recipe that is refreshing and your whole family will love.

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