You know what we think is delicious? Baked potatoes that’s what! And you know what we think is even more delicious than potatoes? Chees. Yes, that’s right, you walked right in on cheese lover territory and you’re not getting off until you try at least one of our cheese recipe so might as well start with this one.

We’re not going to go on and on about how delicious these are because you’re gonna see that for yourself, but what we must say is: you need your patience and don’t start cooking these when you’re already hungry.To make these twice baked potatoes stuffed with all the delicious cheese you can think of, you’ll need about 2 – 2 and 1/2 hours, so save them for a Friday evening or a weekend lunch.

You can substitute any ingredients you like – other than the potatoes of course, as that would defeat the purpose of the whole thing.  Add more cheese if you’d like, we encourage it!

And you know what’s best about this oven baked potatoes recipe? You really can’t get it wrong! Well, you can, but only if you try really hard.  Follow the instruction and enjoy the potato and cheese mash up of yumminess.

Not convinced yet? Here’s the video recipe, because you know, a video speaks a thousand words.

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