Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse

And because we started our week with a delicious Nutella croissant we want to continue in the same manner. Chocolate Mousse is one of the most simple yet fancy deserts one could think of. Fast and easy to make it does not require any special chef skills – lucky us.
We have discovered this recipe by mistake as one night we were watching Game of Thrones and all of a sudden we got in the mood for something sweet and chocolaty. No it was not the gore nor the violence that got us in that mood…so do not judge us.

So…long story short one of our main “chefs” went online to google fast chocolate desert and she stumbled upon this beauty.
Delicious, fluffy and incredibly fast to make this Chocolate Mousse is great for any occasion. May it be you want to impress or surprise your family or you want to audition for Master Chef ( ok maybe we should not go this far) this dessert will make you look like a pro.

Cholate mousse 2

Give everybody the impression you know what you are doing following a few easy steps.
Also, one of the best parts aside from the amazing taste is the fact that you will only need a hand full of ingredients for this Chocolate Mousse.

mousse 3

The end of any long office day is the perfect time to try out this tasty Chocolate Mousse. The perfect pick-me-up, especially if you have a sweet tooth… and we already know that if you are here you are a big fan of deserts.

Just before you serve it give it a dusting of cocoa or crumbled cookies to make it look even more delicious. You can also use cherries, strawberries, chocolate syrup or caramel.
To keep it French, add one table spoon of quality brandy to the melting chocolate. If you want to be playful keep in mind that chocolate goes hand in hand with coffee so try adding two or three tablespoons of brewed strong coffee to the melting chocolate.

mousse 5

For those who are not big fans of chocolate – stay tuned…soon we will teach you how to make Strawberry Mousse.

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Nutella Strawberry Croissant

Nutella Strawberry Croissant

We are back! We are finally back from a wonderful and unforgettable summer vacation and guess what we are in a pretty lazy mood. I guess we need a little bit of time to get back up on our horses and get to work.

No matter how much we enjoyed our free fun time now we are back in the kitchen and we want to start with something easy and delicious… after all this is our trade mark.
Lets call it a lil bit of comfort food to make the transition easier.

Chocolate strawberries and croissants go hand in hand for a perfect delicious breakfast for those busy office days when you feel like there is no energy left in your body.

So here it is our lazy yet delicious Nutella Strawberry Croissant

This is a very fast and simple dessert than you can make anytime you feel in the mood for something sweet yet “homemade”.

strawberry croisant

Who we are and why we love food

Well hey there! If you’re on this page, chances are you are a foodie just like us.  We believe eating shouldn’t be something you simply do for sustenance, but an experience, a journey.  If it all sounds too fancy it probably is and using big words is not the reason we started this adventure.

The number one simple reason why we started Foodtastic Team:  we love food. Nice, delicious, quick and easy home made food.

We want to share a heatlhy love for food with anyone willing to join us on a journey from oh no to oh yumm because in no way are we chefs or even anywhere close. We’re passionate enough about home cooking and making life just a bit more delicious to learn though!


So who is Foodtastic team?

IMG_20160416_142540We are a team of foodies, passionate about what we do and relaxed enough to have fun with our mistakes. We cook for the experience and our end results are sometimes great and sometimes worth a good laugh. In the end we make the most of each dish, one way or another.

When we don’t cook we work as part of a creative digital agency and our work is just as much fun as our cooking adventures.  We like to take everything one day at a time, one dish at a time.

We love to explore nature and take nice long breaks to enjoy some good food on the way too.

So join us for some fun culinary adventures and we can promise you there will be lots of cheese involved. Because have we mentioned we love cheese? We do.

Why we love food?


Well who doesn’t love food? We make it a point to love food responsibly though. Most of the times…sometimes. We make a lot of smoothies to compensate.

We are determined to learn how to cook and have fun with every step of the process.  Because we’re not absolute beginners we can still make some seriously delicious treats so check our recipes out!


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