Aperol Spritz

Fast and refreshing, this wine-based cocktail is the perfect party starter

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Aperol Spritz is one of those cocktails that you simply can’t say no to. It’s both fancy enough and fresh enough to appeal even to people who don’t usually drink.

But don’t be fooled! Aperol Spritz packs quite a kick because of the bubbles and once you indluge in a second or third glass you’ll feel the buzz.

For us, this cocktail is the perfect appetizer – serve it with a two or three vibrant orange slices garnishing the glass and any dinner feels super fancy.  Best of all, you don’t need much cocktail experience or many ingredients to get it in your glasses asap.

Many people consider it a summer drink because of it’s fresh, tangy taste. We beg to differ. If you want a quick fancy dinner, this should be your go-to drink, no matter the time of the year. I mean, this drink has been around since 1919 in beautiful Italy so they were definitely on to something.

So if you like bitter-sweet-orangey bubbly wine drinks, jump in the Aperol Spritz train, because we’re about to leave station.

Aperol Spritz Ingredients

Aperol Spritz Ingredients


Obviously! You can’t have Aperol Spritz without Aperol. This is the secret ingredient and the secret to that refreshing bitter taste. 


If you want the best Aperol Spritz you need a good quality Prosecco.  You can find them in the wine section of almost any store. Just stay away from sweet Prosecco that could overpower the bitterness in the Aperol.

Bubbly Water

Add to taste and do note that the less water you add, the stronger the drink will be.


About two slices should do. Add one in your drink and use one to garnish your glass.


How to make Aperol Spritz

Step 1

For the perfect looking drink, choose a fancy wine glass. Start by adding the ice cubes and the orange slice.

Step 2

Pour 3 parts Prosecco in your glass

Step 3

Add 2 parts Aperol and 1 part Bubbly Water. Feel free to play around with the quantities until you find that the drink tastes just right to you.

Aperol Spritz

The best appetizer for all your fancy dinners

Time: 3 min | Dificulty: Easy|


  • 3 parts Prosecco
  • 2 parts Aperol
  • 1 part bubbly water
  • ice
  • orange

1. In a wine glass (or a fancy tall glass) add ice and orange slices.

2. Mix 3 parts Prosecco with 2 parts Aperol and 1 part bubbly water.

3. Garnish with orange and get ready to feel fancy


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